• Underground Tank Removal
  • New Heating system installation 
  • Yearly cleaning / maintenance
  • Backhoe Service
  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling
  • Driveway Snow Plowing 

Before Calling for Service and only if you are comfortable doing so, please check for the following common problems:
1.  Check that your Electrical Switch is in the On Position.  This switch plate is normally RED in color and located either near or on your furnace or at the top of the basement stairs.

 2.  Check your Electrical Panel Board for a Blown Fuse or Tripped Circuit Breaker.

 3.  Try pressing the Reset Button.  The Reset Button is typically a Red Colored Button, usually located on the Oil Burner.  Press the reset button only ONE TIME!  Oil Burner should start to operate.  Within One Minute ignition should occur and flame should be established.  If the flame is not established, the Oil Burner Will Automatically Shut Down.

 4.  Check the oil level in your tank.  How much oil does your gauge say you have?  If you have less that an 1/8 of a tank then chances are that you are out of oil - call for a delivery.

If you still have a problem, give us a call.  We respond 24 hrs a day 365 days a year.


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